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37.5 million people worldwide have taken a Predictive Index assessment to learn, grow, and improve their workplace habits, according to The Predictive Index. If you’re ready for a clear picture of how you work then take this FREE test!

Why should you take the PI Assessment?


With PI there is no good or bad result.


It helps you learn more about what motivates you.


It's a tool for you to find jobs that are the right fit.


It's straightforward, relies on honest and personal insight and takes 10 minutes to complete.


PI tests are used by thousands of companies all over the world.

Why TalentLaunch Uses The
Predictive Index

The PI Behavioral Assessment is an untimed, free-choice, stimulus-response tool that is far more than a personality test. The Predictive Index measures behavioral drives (Dominance, Extraversion, Patience, and Formality) as well as cognitive ability. For more than 60 years, businesses of all sizes have used the certified assessment to understand the personality traits to make hiring decisions.

At TalentLaunch the assessment is a valuable tool used to gain insight into how well suited you are for a role. We use this tool to evaluate personality traits to improve our hiring process and help people like you find the best role possible within our network of companies.

Take your assessment today and find out what drives you so you can build a great resume, showcase your strengths in your interview, and land the perfect job!

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Gain access to your PI behavioral report within 1-2 weeks of you taking the assessment.

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Gain clear insight about what career path is best for you based on your natural drives.

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