What We Do

Specializing in accelerated growth for small-to-mid-size staffing and recruitment firms.

Improve Efficiency, Develop Differentiators & Reach Your Full Potential.


Our family of companies creates the advantage of a peer based network comprised of staffing and recruitment executives, brand leaders and presidents. Through peer-to-peer mentoring with those in the same or similar industry, competition becomes family.

Training & Development

As a leader in training and development for the staffing and recruitment industry, we understand the importance of investing in top talent. Our in-house training software was strategically designed with this in mind and provides big-picture training, as well as specific skills to improve individual performance.


At TalentLaunch, we leverage the latest technology in the staffing and recruitment industry to deliver data-driven results. Our team of in-house developers has designed custom solutions to solve the needs of staffing firms. Our partners receive access to the same high-end software that the nation’s largest firms leverage.


Access to a fully-equipped marketing team that will support your staffing firm with brand development, web design and maintenance, social media management, digital and print advertising, event planning and more.

Sales Support

A streamlined sales process, combined with our dedicated sales team, can help your firm to close more of the toughest deals. Our experienced sales team will help you reach your goals.


While you focus on running your business, our back office support team will run your financial reporting and bookkeeping. TalentLaunch partners also receive assistance with payroll, workers compensation, compliance and insurance offerings.

Tech Support

We provide a support team with strong technical expertise to help ensure experiences within our technology platforms are optimized. Our team of technical experts provide the hardware and software you need to be successful.

Talent Acquisition

Our team of recruitment talent acquisitions specialists will help you staff your firm with the best talent in the industry. We have the resources, network and tools to attract top talent that aligns with our group culture. We believe that when you focus on helping people unlock their potential, success follows.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is key to strategic growth for any organization. TalentLaunch partners have access to our strong, proven business intelligence platform to track, measure and report critical data points, which can be used to make more informed decisions.