Strategic Acquisitions

The Succession Plan for Successful Staffing Firms

TalentLaunch is seeking to acquire private companies focused on the staffing and recruitment industry. We are eager to hear from owners and executives of North American businesses with a focus on the following attributes:

Great culture is core to your business

Demonstrated profitability and sustained success

Strong next-level management team

A diverse customer portfolio

Industry and geography agnostic

Revenue between
$15 million and $50 million

 Our Benefits

No defined holding period for acquisitions; our preference is to work together forever.

Ability to operate independently, but with support and guidance on best ways to grow your business.

Access to a shared services platform to improve efficiencies and cost structure. 

Build on your brand presence and reputation that you have created within your communities.

Interested in joining our network?

We'd love to start a conversation about how TalentLaunch can help your staffing agency reach new heights. Send us a message and we will be in touch.