Deciding whether leveraging professional recruiting services is right for your business will be based on a variety of factors such as your preference, urgency, budget, hiring needs, and in-house capabilities.

After reviewing the pros and cons of staffing agencies, many organizations realize that outsourcing staffing services are actually the most strategic and cost-effective hiring strategy.

Partnering with a staffing agency has multiple benefits that will help drive your organization’s success. If you’re on the fence about teaming up with a recruiting firm, here are few staffing agency benefits that can help you make the final decision.

You create a long-term partnership
A recruiting firm not only helps you find top tier talent for your temporary or full-time hiring needs but also advises you on staffing strategies. At the TalentLaunch Network, we focus on creating partnerships that help create long-term success for businesses. Our operating companies want to advise you on staffing strategies to support your company through the inevitable ups and downs.

Save time and find candidates faster
Staffing agencies are an extension of your current HR department. Hiring new employees requires a great deal of time that your hiring managers may not have. A recent Robert Half survey reports that business owners waste an estimated 52 hours on hiring and onboarding employees who ultimately don’t work out. Teaming up with a staffing agency allows your HR team to focus on the current needs of the overall department, instead of sifting through resumes for hours.

Increased Productivity
While most employees give at least two weeks’ notice when resigning, some workers quit on the spot or have to be terminated quickly. When this occurs, your organization will lose productivity as long as the vacant position remains open. Remaining employees may feel resentful if they have to take on additional responsibilities for a long period of time. For most positions, staffing agencies already have pre-screened, qualified individuals who can be at your workplace within just a few days.

Save money
Partnering with a staffing agency can reduce the need to spend extra money on employee recruitment and for funding various processes like, pre-employment testing, background testing, drug screening, and listing jobs online. They also provide extra cost savings by managing payroll databases and additional administrative tasks.

Small to medium employers can fully rely on staffing agencies to provide them with certified, skilled, and efficient employees at a cost-effective rate. Because staffing agencies have workers who are specifically trained for such recruitments, they often get the job done faster than the HR team. All of those expenses can be directly added to your company’s bottom line. Save money by using a staffing agency to do all the work for a minimal fee.

Access to a wider talent pool
Working with a staffing agency gives you access to an enormous pool of available candidates that are constantly growing and evolving. Recruiters in our network of operating companies are constantly looking to expand their candidate pool. Our operating companies use cutting-edge technology to find candidates with very specific skill sets. Because our network includes many different industries and practice areas, we find candidates that will be a great fit for your company.

Streamlined hiring process
We know that this is a candidate-driven market and those employers who wait to hire or who don’t have the right processes in place to streamline the hiring process will lose. An experienced recruiting agency can help you hire talent more quickly through an expedited and streamlined hiring process. The goal is to provide fully screened and qualified candidates ready to work when you need them. With an optimized hiring process that places candidates fast and efficiently, your new hires can be onboarded in a short timeline – meaning they start producing value for your organization sooner! Companies with a standardized onboarding process experience 50% greater productivity from new hires and can increase employee retention by 25%.

Access to Technology
Today’s most successful staffing firms are reaching quality candidates by adapting and experimenting with staffing focused technology. Partnering with a staffing agency that invests in technology will most likely improve your ROI and improve overall efficiency for your company. Our network is always adapting and looking for new tech solutions that help streamline the recruitment process. We utilize a platform such as SENSE, Employstream, MailChimp, career pages, and more!

Reduced turnover rate
New hire turnover is incredibly expensive. In fact, according to a report from the Center for American Progress, employee turnover costs anywhere from 16% to 213% of annual salary, depending on the position. There are many hidden costs associated with a vacant position, especially the time and resources it takes to hire and train a new employee — and if they don’t work out, you have to do it all over again with their replacement. When a staffing agency with a successful track record steps in to help you place the best candidates in the right roles the first time around, it increases retention rates and decreases turnover costs.

It’s pretty clear that partnering with a staffing agency is an option to set you up for long term success. Your business will experience so many added benefits that will bring value and help your company reach its financial objectives. Let the staffing experts handle the hiring so you can achieve your business goals.

The TalentLaunch Network can help you reach new heights of success. Our ten staffing and recruitment operating companies are located throughout the United States, specializing in a variety of industries including manufacturing, accounting, office and clerical, healthcare, legal, food and science, and more! They will provide you with the hiring resources you need to create amazing results. The TalentLaunch network is ready to be your hiring partner and help you gain access to the right talent. Start hiring today!