Finding exceptional talent has never been more difficult and time-consuming. With a very candidate-driven market and a 3.7% unemployment rate, companies are finding themselves partnering with staffing firms during the war for labor to overcome hiring challenges facing their HR or talent acquisition teams. 

When it comes to staffing firms, you have an endless list of possible options you can choose from (we’re talking 17,000+ agencies with 35,000+ branch offices in the United States). 

Doing your research and selecting a firm with strong hiring strategies, one that delivers results, and provides measurable returns is key to your success as a business. Plus, it’s all about people, so working with the right partner who has your best interests in mind is extremely important. Choosing a mediocre agency could result in poor talent, high-turnover rates, and low productivity, all negatives you can’t afford during this highly competitive labor market.  

Now, you’ve decided a third party agency is right for your business and it’s time to choose. Whether you need flexible talent for short-term needs or need to fill a critical position, there are many aspects to consider before partnering with a staffing firm. 

Before choosing your staffing firm, consider the following recommendation:

1. Do they specialize in your niche?

The first step in choosing the best recruitment agency is to clearly define if they specialize in your niche market. Specialization matters because every industry and every niche within an industry has its own, unique recruiting challenges. If you want to obtain real results from a staffing firm, choose a company that has a proven track record in your industry.

“Finding an agency with a larger network and multiple focus areas tends to meet the needs of most clients because they have access to a larger network. At TalentLaunch our network of seven operating companies are devoted to specific verticals.” Says Aaron Grossman, CEO and founder of TalentLaunch. Learn more about our network of staffing and recruiting companies here.

2. Can they articulate their strategy for finding best fit versus mediocre talent?

There is little sense to working with a staffing firm if they can’t provide better hiring results than you have achieved on your own. In addition, a staffing agency that takes care of HR services can save you a lot of time and money. As you evaluate potential partners, do your best to learn as much as you can about their strategy for sourcing and finding talent based on your needs. 

The operating companies at TalentLaunch give their candidates’ skills assessments and pre-employment screening. Some even educate employees on business etiquette. In addition to skills testing, they also provide background checks and drug tests. These practices help determine the quality of workers you will receive.

3. Do they care about the experience versus just being a number?

Staffing is an intricate industry, and one doesn’t learn how to succeed in it overnight. Plus, it’s all about a great experience. Staffing firms rely heavily on client satisfaction and service quality to retain accounts, build their talent pipeline, and differentiate from the competition. As such, Net Promoter Score (NPS) can be a leading indicator of brand differentiation in a crowded market place. 

The TalentLaunch network client NPS score for 2019 was 64. Our network scored 9 times higher than the industry average! “Every TalentLaunch operating company received a Best of Staffing award in 2019. Our network of companies are focused on providing both client and candidates a truly rewarding experience that will move careers and businesses forward.” Says Aaron Grossman.

4. Do they care about their own talent?

You can tell a lot about a staffing firm from the way they attract and retain their own talent. Be upfront with the companies you are considering and ask them about their company culture. Learn about their internal hiring and retention process. 

Culture is the foundation of our success at TalentLaunch. We strive for accountability, authenticity, and transparency in everything we do. We are a growing company and have a new hire onboarding process that sets all internal hires up for success from day one. Learn more about our company culture here.

What are you waiting for? Are you ready to partner with an expert team that will find you exceptional talent? Let’s get started now! Reach out to our TalentLaunch team today and they will not only partner you with a quality staffing firm that aligns with your direct hiring needs but will also make a contribution to your organization’s operational agility, efficiency, and profitability.

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